Patrick and I are huge fans of photographing first looks as well as first touches. It’s mainly because we love how personal and intimate they can be.

Now what is a first look? A first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day before their ceremony. It allows for a private and intimate moment between them, where they can release their nerves and have the one on one moment they rightfully deserve. It can be a very emotional time where they may choose to exchange letters, say their vows, or just hold each other. In all honesty, it may just be one of the only times the bride and groom have for themselves throughout the entire day which is also why we are such fans. Another important note is you won’t miss all of your cocktail hour and will most likely get to greet, chat, and enjoy your guests. We don’t want your wedding day to feel like a photoshoot so not cramming family formals, bridal party photos, and your portraits in one hour sounds pleasing to many and a good way to avoid stress.

First touches are very similar, we can designate the perfect location where the couple will just touch hands before the ceremony without seeing each other. During it they may choose to pray or read letters to one another. These moments are also very emotional and intimate for the couple.

Keeping all this in mind, we are not here to convince a couple to do or not do a first look or first touch. It is not my day, it is your day. Whether or not you choose this isn’t my decision. Your wedding day is about you joining into a new family, and about your love and commitment to one another. Not solely about photos. If you’re on the fence about it, please give us a call. I promise to give you my honest opinion and support you in your decision. Whether you will be seeing each other going down the isle or way before, you best believe it will be unforgettable!