Hotels are a nice option but you don’t always have to book one to get ready in or sleep in on your wedding day. Another really great option is just getting ready at home (if theres tons of space and window light) or an Airbnb. Airbnbs can be cheaper and make for some pretty unique shots.  Wherever you decide to get ready, making sure it is not crowded is very important so that you have room to stand and get your bridal photos taken without fear that someone or something will be in the way and that it is fairly close to your ceremony location (within 15 minutes driving distance).  If we are documenting the groom getting ready, it would be amazing that you both get ready in the same location so that we can efficiently move from one spot to the next without having to drive long distances.

Now let’s go back to light! All I must say is, WINDOWS. The more windows, the more light. Keeping that in mind when choosing your getting ready location is huge. Undoubtedly, photographers/videographers prefer to work with naturally available light. Without it we would have to resort to artificial light such as flash or video light, which will likely give your photos more of an unnatural look. I also find that flash draws too much attention and makes people more aware of the fact they’re being photographed which makes those “candid” moments not so candid anymore. Going the natural light route will not only give you more flattering getting ready images, but it will also have your makeup artist and videographer doing a happy dance once they arrive at your location.